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Nessebar municipality occupies the northernmost part of the Black sea coast of the district of Burgas. Nessebar municipality borders on the north with the municipalities Byala and Dolni Chiflik, on the west – with Pomorie municipality, on the east – with the Black sea. This vast territory occupies 420, 4 km², and includes 14 urban areasселища, of which 3 are towns – Nessebar, Obzor and Sveti Vlas.

  • Three zones can be distinguished within the territory of Nessebar municipality – coastal, lowland and mountain.
  • The climate is moderate continental.
  • Waters – seawater, groundwater, river water.
  • Soils – maroon forest type.
    Suitable natural and climatic conditions and high annual average temperature are the factors which contribute to the branch structure of municipal economy – tourism, recreation and sport. The beaches of this municipality are among the largest beaches of the Bulgarian Black sea coast and constitute 1500 thousand square meters, with a total capacity for 140 thousand persons.



    This significant littoral and its diverse features have established favorable conditions for development of tourism. This has made Nessebar municipality the major tourist agglomeration on the Bulgarian Black seaside. 730 hotels and 2923 private lodging facilities with more than 155 218 beds and 3537 public dining facilities are operated within this territory.



    The ancient town is situated on a small peninsula only 850 m long and 350 m wide, connected to the mainland via a narrow isthmus.



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